Magic Moments

Trolley Dolley
Trolley Dolley
Jan's Birthday
a Tipple to enjoy
Tiddly ! winks
President's Cup to Pat Winfield.
Mike and Roland
The ma;e Dancers

Some memorable moments from the recent Scottish Holiday.



Trolley Dolley's — Before and After



Jan's ?? Birthday — Bet it was a big one but she is not telling




Who's for a tipple ? says Bob — well I don't mind if I do !



The winner of that highly skilled game of "Tiddleywinks" is Pat Winfield and is the winner of the prized Presidents cup for 2014.



What a gay day ! Presidents past and present enjoying a knees up !

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Derek Rooke
Tom Hassall
Bletchley Park visit
Breakfast Studios audience
Blue Peter Studio
View of salford Quays
February Social Evening18
December Probus walk3
Dr Michael Leach and President Mike Smith
2014 Welsh Trip15
Views from Bickerton Hill
Port Sunlight

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